Virtually every non-profit organization depends on the efforts expended by volunteers towards achieving its goals. That is also true of the Stage Managers' Association. In the attached pages, you'll find proposals for supporting committees.

The actual work involved varies depending on the committee, and an attempt has been made to estimate the time commitment. That'll evolve as the committees articulate and clarify their tasks in furthering the missions of the Association. Each committee will have a Board liaison who will also be an active member of the committee.

Here's your chance to play a vital role in the success of the SMA. A number of the proposed committees have wide geographical possibilitites, enabling members from any region to volunteer for them.

Volunteering to work on a committee can be great fun, and an excellent way to meet other active members in a relatively informal setting. Just like a good party - you'll get more out of the SMA when you put more into it.