2010 Election Results Announced

At the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Stage Managers' Association on May 24, 2010, the following candidates were elected:

Chair - Richard Costabile
1st Vice Chair - Sandi Bohle
2nd Vice Chair - Marci Skolnick

co-Secretary - Katrina Herrmann, Hope Rose Kelly

Treasurer - Jon Goldman

Board Members-at-Large - Bob Bennett, Robert I. Cohen

Regional Board Representatives
Eastern Region - Jeremy Ward
Central Region - Noah E. Spiegel
Western Region - Carole Ursetti

Congratulations to all those elected.  And great thanks to those who were not elected, for their interest in running for the Board:  Andi Cohen, Justin Hossle and Bill McMillin.

And finally, to Erin Joy Swank, who served several terms as co-Secretary, and who retired as 2nd Vice Chair - your tireless efforts on behalf of the SMA have been greatly appreciated.